Murloc Slide [v4.3]

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The map was created by Maximaxou, who gave me the right to upload his map here.

The slide :

The slide is a genre of map apparented to Mazes and Escapes.

It's caracterized by the system of movement which is sliding : Periodic move of the hero on the ice, in his facing direction, and with the possibility to turn.

Maybe some here know slides under the name of Ice escapes, Ice skating and such.

The map itself :

The map include 8 levels + An hidden level which has been never finished ;)

The difficulty is Medium imo, so you still need to be an experimented slider to finish it.

Credits :

Gos]cam helped at the creation of the hidden level as the hidden level was done with the first beta versions of the Max Escape Creation (available in Tool sections).

Changelog :

Not Available

So, that's all. Enjoy that good old slide and do your best to finish it.

PS : The map is protected.

Slide, Murloc, Maximaxou, Gos]cam, SliD.

Murloc Slide [v4.3] (Map)

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