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Multiple tiles !

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Level 9
Mar 9, 2010
Ok im creating a origional risk map and i want to have the terrain ALL ! as cityscape marble. However i want this in many colours. Roughly 4 or 3. If i import multiple tiles on the Jass editor then cant i just override 3 of the tiles. Is this my correct method or something else has to be done.

Level 1
Jan 2, 2011
Okay Im after a similar thing but I need something different... On the modify tileset etc..
It has:

Total texture space used: 13 (Which is the max I can get)
Total texture space Remaining: 0 (Meaning I have none left to add)

The only thing is Daow and awLR have 'total texture space used' something really high like 24 giving them the option to create worlds! Which I need...
Any Suggestions?...
you can change the terrain type with triggers but that is a lot of work
world editor unlimited had a feature like that I think but it tended to destroy your map from time to time
probably JNGP has it, too
you could give it a try
as a last resort you could make a unit with your tile texture and color it in object editor (or a destructable or doodad)
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