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Mudcrab (Scylla Serrata)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is but a rework and reskin of the original Spider Crab model. Like the mannequins, the Mudcrab from Skyrim offered me inspiration.
These things could be used for both Creeps and Critters.
The Real Life Mud Crab can be referenced here.

Now, what lore could I add to the Mudcrab?
- Murlocs, who are aquatic and live on the muck, would find Mudcrabs especially delicious, yet challenging due to their size and pincers. The Murlocs would catch and/or raise Mudcrabs as livestock, feeding their small tribes as food.

Credits ado to Blizzard for the original mesh and texture, and credits to Bethesda, who wrote Skyrim, for the inspiration.

- Scylla serrata_MudCrab.mdx: 71 KB
- Scylla serrata_MudCrab: 75 KB

Mudcrab (Scylla Serrata) (Model)

General Frank
Might be useful to some, but it is a bit too simple.