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MPQ Question {applying an MPQ to Warcraft}

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I recently figured out how to make an MPQ file.
What I want to know is:
1: How do I use it with World Editor?
2: How do I use it along with Warcraft III?

I'm going to make two versions of a map I'm making (I think).
One is a 'light' version, with only needed custom models and such, and one 'heavy' version, with a lot of custom models (more than 4MB), and such, where people can download the MPQ, and either play online, or whatnot. (if possible)

Thanks for any help. (And sorry if this is the wrong board.)
Level 7
Mar 26, 2009
Some modders will make a custom MPQ and rename it to War3patch.mpq (Just be sure to not overwrite the original!) This makes wc3 think it's a new patch and will take your changes. (At least, I think that's the reason.)

I have a mod called Dawn of Chaos from samods that uses this method to make their content available in WE.

I'm sure there are some experts on here that could better answer you...
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