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[Spell] Moving units

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Level 6
Apr 23, 2011
Hi i just dont need this really hard but if someone could transform this GUI (Only the part of moving the units ) into custom scripts so its more efficient and doesnt interrupt orders i would thank him a lot. I have try but fail.

  • rotacion hacia el nucleo original
    • Acontecimientos
      • Tiempo - Every 0.02 seconds of game time
    • Condiciones
    • Acciones
      • Set i1 = (Random integer number between 3 and 20)
      • Set p2 = (center offset by (Real(i1)) towards ((Real((Load (Key c1) of 0 from H))) x (Random real number between 8.00 and 16.00)) degrees)
      • Unidad - Create 1 star ( baja ) for Jugador 2 (azul) at p2 facing center
center = center of map.

I know it leaks i just dont post the rest of the trigger because its in spanish and it works fine is just i rather prefer to move the unit with x and y.
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