More than one general chat room

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Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
In fact, when the Chieftain created our chat room, he and I discussed this idea at length, Sorry to kind of be a spoilsport gang, but I shot it down then and I must do so again.

Why? Moderation. Everyone knows just how undisciplined the chat room can be at times. It's an environment where everyone may interact on a real-time basis so occasionally the activity there gets a bit wild. Some users just don't follow the site rules in ONE chat channel, let alone two or more. I can easily see little private flame wars developing on every additional channel that might be added. We've already had more than enough Admin Contact complaints of "he flamed me" or "I was treated unfairly."

The only additional chat room that I'd support would be one reserved for Midivh's Tower and PayPal donors. Sorry guys: JMO.
Not open for further replies.