More deadly farsear

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This is my young farseer model which I use as my default for my game.
Changes done:
  • shaved his beard
  • gave him a better weapon
Added the default model as well with fixes to some geoset collisions.

Check out my other work here:
Hope you enjoy!
All feedback is welcomed.

Old Farseer (Model)

Old Farseer portrait (Model)

Young farsear (Model)

Young farsear portrait (Model)

Level 27
Mar 11, 2017
Not sure if he's better, just younger without a beard - and a beard is a part of Farseer's design since RoC release.
Never said it's better. But for me I prefer him without the beard and with a real weapon.
I prefer to use him while playing melle maps because he is more prepared for battle :D
Also there are small changes to the original as well because of some geoset collisions so you might also use the old version