Monster Forest

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Mar 18, 2009

Monster Forest

A fantastical world where you’ll meet thousands of mysterious creatures. Big, small, curious or cute, they are all lovable.
As you embark on your journey in this simple yet fun Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), you can train your adorable pets with unique, customisable skills and engage in spectacular turn-based battles.
Featuring an innovative quest system, atmospheric environments and beautiful animated scenes, Monster Forest is an inspiring and unforgettable adventure awaiting your discovery.

Build your own farm/miniland and bring your friends to visit it! Buy your own decorations from shops or hunt them from monsters, harvest crops you find around the map during your adventure and decorate your miniland! Your farm level increases each time you do something in your farm (eg. Harvesting crops) and your popularity and prestige will increase!
Set up your own café! NPC’s will enter your farm when your café is open to buy things, then they will send you mails to reward you items if the food is nice! Hunt items required to make the food and click “Produce Food” on your café to increase the stock of foods! Open/Close your café anytime you like, when you have no more stock, close it so the NPC’s will stop visiting your café! If you have a mailbox, you can send people mail by entering the receiver name, subject of mail and the text!

Popularity and prestige
NPC buying food

Start playing with a choice of 8 species of pet which varies from Human to Insects! You can change your pet’s gender at the beginning, you cannot change it’s gender or species type after confirming it! Equip your pet with hat, necklace, weapon, 2 rings, cape and belt. Your pet will upgrade to a stronger pet at a certain level! You can catch pets and train them like your default pet! Pets can reproduce by breeding, causing new pets to form! You can feed your pet if it is hungry by buying or hunting food, your pet eat different food depending on if it is carnivorous or herbivorous.

There are 3 types of expression in this game. To use a expression, you will need to click the smiley face located at the chat box. A dialog will appear, simply double click the expression you want to use or if you’re used to it, type the shortcut key out (eg. Touched shortcut key is Q_Q)
The first type is Facial Expression. This type of expression changes your character’s eye to the effect of the expression you chose. There are a total of 4 pages of this expression and each page consist 10 expressions.
The second type is Expression Bubbles. This type of expression creates a bubble on top of your character showing the effect of the expression you chose. The shortcut key for this types of expression starts with “!” (eg. !bangwall) There are a total of 5 pages of this expression and each page consist 10 expressions.
The third and last type is Movement Expression. This type of expression makes movements of your character. The shortcut key for these types of expression starts with “@” (eg. @squat) There is only 3 pages for this.
Expression - Scared
Expression - Bangwall
Expression - Dance

During Battle
When you’re not in a town/village, every time you walk, there’s a possibility that wild monsters will attack you. Your character doesn’t help during the battle, only your pet attacks the creep and your character watches it. The environment during the battle helps a lot too. Normal element applies, fire is afraid of water; grass is afraid of fire and so on. You can see the percentage of damage affected on the monster of the type of skill (eg. Fire is 103) at the top during the battle. Grass/Fire/Water/Desert Environment and so on also affects the battle. There’s a total of 7 functions during a battle plus the Paintbrush makes it 8. Repeat will repeat the skill you used earlier on, Attack will allow you to choose which monster you want to attack. Defend will make your pet defend itself. Move moves your pet to a spot, use this before you choose a skill; you will not miss a turn if you use this! Auto enables auto attack and clicking auto again or using a skill manually will disable auto attack. Pass will skip your turn. Change pet is used to change your pet if your current battle pet has low health and you will need 2 or more pets to use this! Paintbrush is good for taking screenshots, you draw what you want (arrows pointing here and there) then take a screenshot. When it’s your turn to use a spell, you have only 30seconds to use it if not when 30seconds is up, it will automatically skip your turn! You cannot flee/escape from the monster you meet, either kill it or get killed!
After Battle
It will show you your current level, both pet and character. It will also show you the EXP you gained and the EXP required to level up. The stronger monster you kill, the higher exp you will get. You will receive random loots from the monster you kill and some of the battles do not give you any item.
Battling Status
When you’re battling, 2 swords will appear above your character like the expression bubble to other players that are passing by.
The PK system allows you to battle with your friends or random players around the game. Challenge them and determine who is stronger than the other!
Win battle
During Battle
People battling

Guild War
Here are some notes about declaring guild war
1. Guild Battle has to be initiated before 19:00 everyday
2. The Guild that initiates battle will need to be Level 10
3. Only Guild leader can initiate Guild Battle
4. The Guild war initiator will have to pay 300 gold Shell as request fees. The amount will be deducted from Guild funds
5. Difference between the attacking Guild and defending Guild must not be more then 30 Levels
6. Every Guild can only initiate Guild Battle once a day, and each Guild can only be challenged by one Guild
7. The Guild which participated in Guild Battle is unable to declare war or initiate war on the same day
8. Guild that lost in previous Guild Battle cannot be challenged again for the next 5 days
Guild Functions
Every Guild member can accept/decline any pending members that applied to join the guild. The Guild Master can change Guild Ranks, Guild News and Guild Notice. Every time you do a guild quest, you will gain contribution points to the guild. You can change your remarks for yourself, everyone in the guild can see your remarks you written for yourself. When you click on someone else’s name, you can send the person a mail, this can be done so in your Miniland via your mailbox but this is a faster option if the person is in the guild.
Guild’s Region
You can enter the Guild’s Region from Ammonite Port, in the Guild’s Region; you can do various Guild quests that are available, all quest done will increase your contribution points.
Guild Administrator
The Guild Administrator is located at Ammonite Port, you can create your own guild there or apply to join other people’s guild. If the list is too long, you can Search for the guild you’re finding. Creating a guild cost 10 Gold Shell (read Currency for more information)
Creating Guild
Applying for Guild
Guild's Region
Guild Remark
Sending Mail Option

Game Settings
There are 3 basic game settings for this game, Screen Setting, Sound Setting and Interface Setting. The screen setting allows you to change the shadow texture, the details, the shadow effects (depth, fog and full screen glowing effect). Here, you can also choose whether you want to use window mode or full screen. Next is the Sound Setting, it allows you to adjust the sound effect and background music or turn off them; you can also turn off the NPC voice. Lastly, it is the Interface Setting. This allows you to turn on or turn off the display name (character name, pet name, guild), the pet and other character’s name.
Screen Setting
Sound Setting
Interface Setting

Every time you login, there will be a bot detector asking you to click the different picture to login.
Party & Party Distribution
You can create your own party and invite random people or friends to join your party (maximum 5 players in 1 party) When you meet a wild monster or a boss, the whole party will fight the monster/boss together and the reward will be split depending on the party leader’s choice before the battle. There’s 4 distribution types, Random, Party Leader, party, take turn. Random distribution will split the items randomly, Party Leader distribution will give all items to the leader only, party distribution will allow the leader to see the rewards and split them to whoever he wants to give them to. Take turn to distribute will give the leader the reward for the 1st battle, the 2nd player in the team for the 2nd reward and so on.
Card Maker & Card upgrades
You can buy your own cards which is also known as skills at Ammonite Port or you can hunt for them, the basic card maker allow you to buy the skill without any items requirement while the different types of card maker needs items to merge and form the card.
Upgrading a card will increase the damage applied to the monster, to upgrade a card, you will need the card upgrade jewel which is available at Ammonite Port’s basic shop (Petty Loser Rusfu’s shop) for 1 gold, for a cheaper method, you can hunt the card upgrade jewel from monsters.
Bot Detector
Party Distribution
Card Maker NPCs
Card Upgrade Jewel

My Achievements
At anywhere, you can look at your achievement points. If you complete a item from the list of achievements, you gain the number of points it reward, the harder the quest, the more points it reward you. Each achievement shows how many players have completed that achievement.
My Achievements

Portals & City Trains
There are many portals around the game and each portal brings you to a different place. When you point at a portal, it shows you where does it bring you to.
At every town, there’s a City Train Captain. Different City Train Captain from different town brings you to different places, some places cannot bring you to some certain places so you will need to travel to the town in between the town you are at and the town you want to go.
City Train Captain

There are many quests available, the higher your level, the more quest there are available. There is the track npc/monster/boss function which allows you to find the particular npc/monster/boss for the quest. Open your quest menu and if the words are in orange, left click it and it will bring you to the npc or helps you to find the monster’s location or boss location.

Online Players
At any place, you can click the (Expand) Online Players to see who is in the same map as you. Normally, there will be a crown beside the player name but if the person is in a party, the person will not have a crown except for the party leader. When you bump into the party leader in the map, the leader’s head will have a bubble saying the number of players in his party including him (eg. 3 means 3 party members including him) Press (Compress) Online Players to compress the menu. There are 5 functions available when you right click someone else’s name in the Online Players menu. Send Message means to send a private message to him/her, Request trade allows you to trade items over to him, Request PK means to challenge him, Request to form party allows you to be the leader and the person you requested to be your member (the person will need to agree to join your party first, a request will appear to him) and the last is Add as buddy.
Online Players
Online Players functions

Character & Pet Stats
In your character stats, you can change your character’s clothing that you receive from quest or buy from the cash shop, you can also see your character’s gender, level, current exp, planet you are in, guild and character ID.
In the pet stats, you can see your pet’s species (eg. Insect), pet ID, gender, level, nickname, Race, diet (herbivore or carnivore), health, element, stability and current exp. You can also see the critical rate, Ak, Def, total hp and total sp, priority points, and it’s equipments. You can edit your pet’s nickname but you have to be careful as you can edit it only once!

Map and World Map
Anywhere you go and when you’re lost, you can click the Map at the bottom right corner. A map of the place you’re currently at will appear. Point at the red/blue/green dots on the map to see which NPC is it and click on it to make your character walk to the NPC.
At any town, you can look at the world map and travel if you’re lost.
World Map

At Ammonite Port, you can visit the shopping by simply clicking the Miniland button or clicking G on your keyboard as a shortcut key, it will show you GM01Miniland, click it and click Enter Miniland! There is the boy’s shop, girl’s shop and mix shop with both boy and girl’s clothing. Beautiful place decorated with nice displays. At the main hall of the shopping, you can buy some shoes placed around.
How to buy these beautiful clothes? Simple. Just point at the clothes and it ask you to right click it to buy! It will be added to your cart, you can try on the clothes and see how handsome/beautiful you are!
Entering Shopping
Male & Female shop
Male & Female shop
Main Hall
Male shop
Female shop
Male shop

Stock Market
The stock market is something that you could lost hundred of gold or gain hundred of gold. It is located at the top of the screen. Just click Stock Market and it will open the market.
Stock System Operation Method:
1. Deposit: Deposit your Moncash or Shells into “My Account” at any time
2. Listing: in the rate page
Click “Buy Moncash” to use deposited Shell to buy Moncash.
Click “Sell Moncash” to use deposited Moncash to buy Shell.
Shell can be used to buy Moncash. Each trade has to be in units of 100 Moncash.
Moncash can be used to buy Shell. Each trade has to be in units of 100 Moncash.
3. Deal: when selling and buying stock price is the same in the stock market, the system will automatically close the deal.
After a transaction, the amount purchased will be automatically deposited into “My Account”
4. Cancel request: choose “cancel request” and choose to cancel your buying or selling request.
5. Withdrawal: You can withdraw Moncash or Shell from “My Account” at any time

Bronze, Silver and Gold are the most common currency used in many types of games and it is also used in Monster Forest.
100 Bronze is equal to 1 Silver
100 Silver is equal to 1 Gold
Thus, 10000 Bronze = 100 Silver = 1 Gold.

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