Molecular Disruption Device(spell)

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Level 2
Aug 30, 2007
ok, i was makeing a map and all of a sudden i thought of a good idea for a weapon in my map from a book i read the Molecular Disruption Device. Its from the book enders game and its call the m.d. device, little docter,or
for those of you who havent read the book, when this is used it creates a field in witch no matter can survive and this field gets larger as it feeds off of more matter, and it was capable of destroying stars, planets or any thing with large amounts of matter, but it was originaly designed to destroy ships that are in tight formation. so i was wondering if it was possible for someone to make a spell that worked a bit like this, like say a weapon that makes the aoe larger for ever hitpoint a target has.
i under stand this would be hard but i just thought that alot of people would think this is an awsome spell
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