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Modern Empire Builder Beta 5.0h

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Modern Empire Builder
Modern Empire Builder is a custom map for Warcraft 3, where you can play with up to 12 players online for world-map domination. Use up to 20 different units, different strategies and technologies to crush your opponents in mind blowing battles. Whenever you crush an opponent, you get a point. You can save these points for the next battle for minor advantages.

Credits are in the Quest menu in game.
This Map is protected, Do not try to open it.

5.0f to 5.0h
Most likely fixed GAP (Garfield1337)

modern warfare, modern empire builder, strategy, war, empire builder, builder, modern, future

Modern Empire Builder Beta 5.0h (Map)

02:17, 31st Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 17
Jun 17, 2007
Modern Empire Builder Beta 4.9 is a map focusing on the utilization of an advanced tech tree.

The map's presentation wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good, either. The spelling and grammar were fine, but the tool tips definitely needed more detail. Similar to blizzard tooltips, I should be informed of the style of combat the unit is focused on before I create it. The map's terrain wasn't very good. It needed a lot more tile variation. It's basically a flat, grass area stretching across the entire map. In all honesty, terrain matters less than normal in a map like this.

The gameplay was fun, and quite replayable. The games options were configurable by the host, which is almost always a plus. In my opinion, anti-air craft turrets were over powered. They were able to basically one-hit any aircraft in the game, rendering them quite useless. They should be capable of destroying aircrafts, but enough completely decimate them in any situation. A player massed AA and tanks in their base, making them nearly invincible. The ion beam was moveable after fired, which just looked weird. Add locust to the units.

2.7 and recommended for approval

My Recommendations:

Improve the tooltips.
Balance the units.
Consider improving the terrain.
Make the ion beam unselectable.
Level 7
Apr 16, 2008
You should make the whole map fancy, not just the cliffs and the hill you start on, the rest of the map is bland, btw i think you should add a bullet system[so you cant fire through walls 'n stuff, only over them :)]
Level 7
Apr 16, 2008
This hasnt been updated in ages....Queen, are you paying attention to the map?
it has GREAT POTENTIAL[especialy the planes!] and is awesome already, Please update it!Make the Tech tree larger, make the map larger, add more terrain, improve the bases you have made, ect ect.
Level 7
Apr 16, 2008
Like i said, you should improve the tech tree, make it larger, make the upgrades do less improvements and such, it will make the game longer, funner and by far, greater.
Level 23
Jan 1, 2009
Again hive members dont read my posts as they should.
Its, again, the beginning of the map and all you do is build the amount of houses u are allowed to, then research some stuff and build tanks and planes, infantry is kinda underpowered.
And if some1 builds on that cliff only bases u need planes before u can even reach him.
If the early game sucks, you get bored and annoyed of it, even if it gets maybe better in the end, its done allready.
As I said I rated it 2/5, so its definatly improvable and I hope u improve it :)
Level 5
Feb 21, 2009
Infantry is pretty balanced actually imho if not a little too strong, they are a lot stronger than tanks and can easily kill them, only thing is they die faster by other units. I can clearly see from your post that you have not properly played this map. like I said in my last post..
Please do not post any further in this thread.
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Level 4
Jan 6, 2010
fixed by garfield 1337?? Thats my friend in garena lol :) (BigBoomKilla here) Nvmd Lets get to the point!!!
GJ with models
GJ with Researches
GJ with extra map things (Crates etc)
Even if i didnt play it for long cause i am at holidays now :) i still think i can see some improvements. Focus on Terraining a bit more :)
Ill give a 4.5-5

PS say hi to garfield from bigboomkilla :)