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Discussion in 'Warcraft 3: World of Warcraft' started by tyeeeee1, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. tyeeeee1

    May 15, 2008
    Heres a list of the rest of the models that i got cracka


    -Tower of Azora (works fo the outher mage towers to)
    -Spirit Healer
    -Almost all the tiger's
    -Almost all the Bears
    -Bear Cubs
    -Bunch of lv 1-60 shields, swords, spears etc
    -Black rock orc warrior & another 1 with no armor
    -Core Hound
    -All the Dryad's
    -Fel Boar
    -Most of the Furblog's
    -Flesh Titan from Naxx
    -Gnoll warrior, caster and unarmed version
    -DK boss from kara
    -Darkhounds from undead starter area
    -most of the Gorllas
    -Keeper of the Grove
    -the lock lv 60 horse
    -barrens/mulgore kodo's
    -Ogre Warlord
    -Owl Beasts
    -Sea Giant (Like the ones in tanaris, desolace, azshara and BB)
    -Ram (the non-mount one)
    -2 variations of the stone golems (like the ones in BRD)
    -Warlock FelGuard
    -Warlock FelHound
    -Warlock Succubus
    -Mindless zombie from undead starting area
    -Zangr marsh tripod monster
    -Both typed of harvest golem from Westfall (blue and green 1's 2)
    -Bog Beast
    -Gnome Alert bot from gnomer
    -Black, Blue, and Green bots from gnomer
    -Most of the Crabs
    -All colors of rats
    -Ghoul from plaguelands
    -Red/brownish Tarantula (big one)
    -greenish and blueish cryptfiends
    -Undead lv 40 horse
    -Orc kid (like the ones from orphanige in org)
    -Most of the Boars (durotar)
    -Brown cow to go with the outher 1 i sent u
    -most of the 40 & 60 riding kodo's
    -All of the saytar's (all colors)
    -Taurn base model
    -Most of the Riding rams lvs 40-60
    -Serpent like the ones by last boss in ZF
    -Giant spider boss from naxx
    -Flesh Giant with needle arm from naxx
    -Barrens Giraffe
    -Trog (Flesh color)
    -Human kid boy
    -Human kid girl
    -Devilsaur from Un'goro crater
    -Cleft Hoof Bull
    -some more i cant find the files for...


    -Arc in eastern plaguelands
    -Book case (old with webs)
    -Booty Bay Statue
    -Gypsy wagon from brill
    -Human knight statue from burning stepps
    -bunch of centaur buildings and stuff
    -Crossroads leather walls
    -Dead stone keeper from uldaman
    -Ironforge huge god statue
    -Kael'thas Statue
    -Night elf stone doodads havent checked witch tho
    -Troll dwarf and outher statues from uldaman or something
    -tons and tons of barrens doodads
    -Stone temple on zandalar isle
    -dancing belf statue from tranquillin
    -Dark portal (azeroth one)
    -Taurn inn (not uber quality)
    -Church from westfall

    (There all the same quality as the last bunch i sent you)
    Just PM me with what 1's u need if any.:spell_breaker::ned::spell_breaker:
  2. Craka_J

    Mar 25, 2004
    Those are all ripped models/textures from World of Warcraft and I'm guessing your source is XGM.ru.

    We cannot accept those models nor use them. It's against Hive Workshop rules and I don't know if Blizzard Entertainment would appreciate us using their models and textures on this mod.
  3. tonyrydland

    Jan 23, 2009

    I'm agree with Craka_J, all of those are cpies, you just wanted credits... and you should not use those models anyways... ;D;D
  4. Hevenblood

    Aug 24, 2008
  5. cornonthecob

    Aug 18, 2009
    rick rolld again, lol