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Models for my Campaign.

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Level 2
Apr 16, 2006
I'm making a big Campaign, and I need models!

1/ A Draenei Mage Hero-model (not of the Broken sort, the new Alliance race sort)
2/ 2 Fel Orc Hero-models
3/ A Gryphon Rider Hero-model, with including hero-death animation.
4/ Mounted Gnolls models. One who's equal to the Raider, one who's equal to the Wind Rider/Gryphon Rider and one who's equal to the Kodo Beast.
5/ A Blonded Knight Hero-model.
6/ Two Gnoll Hero-models. One mage and one warrior.
7/ Forest Troll Hero-model (the Bul'Jin model, and add some Hero glow)
8/ 3 Orc Banners. One for the Thunderstrike Clan, one for the Bloodaxe Clan and one for the Rockthrower Clan. Use your own imagination.
9/ A Kobold Hero-model.
10/ A Sargeras Hero-model
11/ An Alleria Hero-model

If I get find more things I need I'll write here.
Level 7
Feb 6, 2006
Mecheon said:
... SARG?

Do you even know what Sargeras looks like? He doesn't have a body anymore, but he was a big massive Titan

Actually, I know what he looks like

infact here's a picture of him

Level 1
Feb 17, 2006
you should concentrate whats your game about what is your game about go around the sight and i will try to find u some of those models and HOW DO I GET A AVATAR
Level 9
Jul 7, 2005
Sargeras used to be a good little titan, now turned evil after hunting the evil he was to protect the world(s) from go to him LOL.
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