I need some things for my campaign

Level 3
Aug 23, 2008
This is my first campaign and i need a few models these modes are pretty easy some may be hard to make and if its not great it wont be in
Model sets 1
Type: Bandits
Discription: Something like regluar bandits but instead of leather like
a fur like armor
Unit types needed
A Axe one
A Horse rider (that diesnt look like lord garathinos)
And a spearer
Model sets 2
Type:A muntant
Discription: i want like a poison zombie thats some skin and some bones visible
Unit types needed
a zombie with no bones visible
a zombie with blood and a few bones visible
a zombie with some skin and some bones visible
a zombie with lots of blood a little skin and some blood stained bones and regluar bones
Other info
I need hero names
I need some level ideas

Info so far
3/? heros confirmed
A dual sword man
A king who helps you for 2 maps
A blood elf mage who helps for for a long time
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Level 12
Apr 18, 2007
Err, right. Can't you make it part of your first post, divided with... I'uno, a few clicks of the [ENTER] button? D:

Anyways, it's spelled "Models". A module is a part of machinery, not a 3d object.