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Model/Texture WH40K

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Jan 16, 2008
Three requests that I would like to use in my Warhammer 40K campaign. File size and all that doesn't matter to me, high..low...whatever. If you're releasing it publicly then I suppose it would matter.
The first is a skin I would like to see made for Burning_Dragoon5's Space Marine models found in the models section.

The second is a model request of a Warhammer 40K Space Marine Terminator. If someone does take this request up and give it out publicly it would probably make sense to give it ultramarine colors since that's what Burning_Dragoon5's Marines colors are, however I do request a second skin to go with it in the colors of the pic below.
The project will get done with or without the skins/model, It would just suffer a slight change in backstory and lose the Terminator missions. Hope someone takes this up!

The third is a Space Marine Thunderhawk. The detail doesn't need to be that extreme... Color it however you would like, though again I'd like to see it grey and blue : P
Hope someone takes these up!

Space Marine skin and Terminator model/skin:


  • SM1.PNG
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  • SM2.PNG
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  • T1.PNG
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  • T2.PNG
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  • T3.PNG
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  • T4.PNG
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  • T5.PNG
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  • thunder-hawk2.PNG
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  • Thunderhawk 1.PNG
    Thunderhawk 1.PNG
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Jan 16, 2008
He got also IG forces D:

The Imperial Guard will be making many appearances throughout the campaign, but the story behind the campaign is being focused on one individual Space Marine and his experience battling through the 'grim darkness of the distant future'.
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
Now to topic gentlemen:

Legion87, PM/ask Pyramidhe@d about this, he has a red Space Marine, but you need a gray Space Marine, so just ask for a new (recoloured) skin.

The reason why to choose for him and not Burning_Dragoon5 (sorry dude), is that Pyramidhe@d got used ~60% less filesize for his Space Marine model.

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Level 22
Jun 23, 2007
pyramidhe@d's space marine's red crap on it is TC.
however, some of the TC parts look really really bright ingame, like a neon color, and makes them look really really retarded.
i would just stick with burning_dragoon's. pyramids marine also screws up if theres more than 20 of them on the field, and everyone knows wh40k is about massed, bloody battles.
Level 4
Jan 16, 2008
I'm going to be using Dragoon's marines, and reskinning them to be Dark Angels, for two reasons - People are more familiar with the Dark Angels than they would be with a chapter I made up(Obviously.) and because he already gave me permission to edit the texture a while ago.
And since no one has deemed to take up any of these, please let this threat die or moderators just get rid of it.
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