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Jun 17, 2010
Hey whats up THW, long time no see. I'm making some cosplay props and one of them is Rikku's Dual Blades from Final Fantasy X-2, and i can't find any 3d models of the weapons, i'd really appreciate if someone could make a low-medium poly model since i end up sanding it in the end and doing the finer details by hand.

Some specs, the whole weapon is about a meter long (.89 meter to be exact.)

The blade is about .51 meter long, the outer circle has a diameter of about .38 meter. The middle circle has a diameter of about .27 meter. And the inner circle has a diameter of about .17 meter.

If someone can make this for me, i can send you one of the copies i make of the weapon! It will be made with a combination of fiber glass and foam. I'll also paint it with a water proof coat and a fire retardant coat so the paint doesn't chip on those really hot days at conventions. (Also you can light it on fire if you wanted.)

Link to the blades picture: Dagger
Level 31
Apr 17, 2009
So here's a WIP. The poly count right now would be around 200 polies.
Is it okay? Do you want these red points around the cirlcle modelled too?
What about the handle? Right know I made it not round but like a prism to save polies. But if you want I can make it cylindric which will increase the poly count though. That's up to you.

Greets chilla_killa

EDIT: I just realised that I made a little mistake in the shape, but I changed it (see WIP2)
Poly count will be around 250 polies now.


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