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[MODEL] I need these things

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Level 7
Jul 11, 2007
I have a dire need for these models:

A weaponless grunt riding:

- a wolf
- a bear
- a raptor-thingy
- a kodo (this is not necessary)
- a horse
- a turtle (Amphibious movement, pl0x)

I need 3 versions of these models, with different animation sets. First one should be attacking in melee, the other attacking ranged, like throwing a spear, and the third, using a bow.
I need them to be helmless too, and I need proper attachment points, like:

Chest 1 - Grunt's chest
Chest 2 - Mount's chest

I mainly need attachment points for the grunt. Also, make it so the grunt uses the grunt texture, and the mount uses a different one.

I really need this for a map, thank you very much. I will give credit.
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