Model Help

Level 5
Sep 30, 2010
hello, I need some models that I can't get, so if anyone has WOW, can you extract these models and make them WC3 model? I'm not going to use them in here so I know it's illegal on this website...

I want following models:

1)Orc (male) (weaponless & without armour) + thrall hairstyle, beard and face but not armor and stuff and should be as bright green as can be chosen in WOW

2)Undead (male) weaponless and without armor

3)Troll (male) weaponless and without armor (color - blue, hair color - red, hairstyle - I dont know name, the hairstyle that most trolls have, its like long hair heading back sharply

4)Night Elf (male) weaponless and without armor

5)Tauren (male) weaponless and without armor

6)Human (male) weaponless and without armor

7)Ghoul (that are in undead land when you start

8)2 or 3 buildings of goblin that are in booty bay, that church and stuff

9)2 or 3 buildings of humans that are in (I dont remember name) human city

10)some Orc buildings too that are in orgrimmar, maybe 3 or 4

I hope I'm not requesting too much... you can pack them with Winrar as one and upload on some website like rapidshare or something... please help if you can cuz I don't have wow and to download it requires 3 or 4 days for my slow internet... :goblin_cry:

thanks for attention
Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
You should better go to this site, as your request mostly are ripped models or stuff.
The rules here are clear and no1 will help you with this I guess..

So just visit this site and Request it there and you'll get your WoW RippOffs.

(For any other "custom" requests, or trigger help, etc. your still welcome!)