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I have been unable to contact TurieL as the email he listed is no longer active. He has also not logged into here for years. If someone could make the following changes:


-remove hero glow
-remove both attack 2 animations
-remove dissipate animation
-remove both spell animations
-remove the knife on the barrel of his gun
-add a decay flesh animation
-add a decay bone animation

And generally reduce the file size if possible beyond all of that.

Edit: I appreciate your work as always Mephestrial.
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I'm working on it Kam.
be warned though, it already has taken me 20 minutes just to remove everything that is part of Attack Two - 1 and remove Hero Glow.
Update1: Starting on Attack Two - 2 now.
Update2: Finished Removing Attack Two - 1, Attack Two - 2, and Stand Ready Two.
Upadte3: Woke up and finished Removing Spell Throw and Spell Two.
Update4: Removed Dissipate animation. A custom Decay Flesh and Decay Bone animation will need to be made since the body positions don't match for the Rifleman.
Update5: Done, tiny bit smaller than geries's version (lower in the posts)


  • RiflemanElite_ForKam.mdx
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Isn't anim remove is easier?
Then, use vertex modif and a model editor and viewer for removal of team glow
It can be done in about less than 40 mins

If you only wanted the anim to not play, then yes. But if you want every frame of the anim removed so that the filesize would be smaller, than no. That requires going through each and every bone and finding any frames that are part of that animation and then removing them.
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Jul 2, 2009
Well the file size for the hero one is like eight hundred memory banks, but still thanks for doing a non-hero one!
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