mini CS TW v0.97b

============Game Info============

This is MINI CS TW --> MINI Counter-Strike Tower WarS

The Map includes:
» All CS Weapons
=> (From Pistols up to the M249 Para)

» 5 Different Game Modes
=> (4on4Team, 4on4Team Surviver, Surviver, Maze 4on4Team, Maze Surviver)

» Lives and Starting Money/Income Settings

» Completly new Design

» Many Custom Stuff
=> Custom Sounds
=> Custom Models (Weapons, etc.)

» Many More ^_^

» Credits
=> Most Weapon Attachments are from: Tomura
=> Konstrukt Pack (used Marine, attachments and some effects) from: Talon the Mage
=> Other stuff in the Map is used from

(For now there are 3 Modes: 4on4Team - 4on4Team Surviver - Solo Surviver)

Tower Wars, MINI CS TW, MINI CS Tower Wars, CS, TW, Counter-Strike, Counter Strike

mini CS TW v0.97b (Map)

11:09, 26th September 2009, by ap0calypse: There aren't much features that make this map different from others. It is all a bit of a blur. ap0calypse's review and Rui's.




11:09, 26th September 2009, by ap0calypse:
There aren't much features that make this map different from others. It is all a bit of a blur. [self=]ap0calypse's[/self] review and [self=]Rui's[/self].
Level 5
Jun 26, 2008
Hey Sly! So is this your first upload of this map onto Hive?
I beleive the map deserves a.... 4/5 Seeming as it's still beta and theres a few things to add, because it's defintely above average and I'd defintely recommend it!
Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
Thanks bro =) and its second one :p (didn't saw the update-date? XD)

Yeah its still Beta, but only because some things are missing, which i definitly want to add in future.. like some modes and maybe some mini games for losers who can stay watching and playing some minigames..

im also thinking about a hostage rescue part and bomb plant part..

edit: yea would be better ^^, anyway thanks for the comments =)
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Level 31
May 3, 2008
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This map had been examined by Alexis Septimus.
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However, if you still insist of another review after it had been review for second time. Feel free to contact other admin.

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Map Review
1) Terrain - Average (3)
2) Trigger -
3) Minor Error - Horrible (1)
4) Major Error - Horrible (1)
5) Replay Value - Average (3)
6) Fun factor/gameplay - Average (3)
7) Use of imported material - Average (3)
8) Single player - Average (3)
9) AI support - Horrible (1)
10) Camera -
11) Originality -
12) File Size - Good (4)
13) Internet/LAN Friendly -
14) Balancing -
15) Packaging - Good (4)
16) Credits - Good (4)
17) Storyline -
18) Theme -
19) Protection - Horrible (1)
20) Quality - Excellent (5)
21) Description/Information/Detail - Excellent (5)
22) Hiveworkshop rules & regulation - Average (3)
23) Game Mode - Excellent (5)
24) Function - Excellent (5)
25) Unit Placement - Excellent (5)

Total Accumulation Point : 59/95 * 100 + (-41) (Review) = 21.10

[+] -
[!] -
[-] - Play music by using Action - Play Music instead of Action - Play Sound
[-] - Have hotkey, but does not have any clear wording to indicate the hotkey for it.
[-] - Malfunction hotkey.
[-] - Missing icon (Green icon)
[-] - Reload skill bugged (Major Bug)
[-] - Boss cost does not worth it since it only deduct 1 life.

Review : There is 1 unacceptable bug, the reload skill could make the tower attack, sell function and etc etc command button lost.

Also, there is no clear wording to indicate the hotkey of each structure and unit such as Gold

Cannot be approve at this moment.

Another -41 point for this map.

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Score - 21/100
Rating - 1/5
Condition - Poor
Status - Pending (Suspend)
Review - 1
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Level 5
Jun 26, 2008
Awww, why does septimus never list the good points about a map? ::(
I suppose it wasn't quite ready to hit the database though...
Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
i dont know.. his critics are a bit hard sometimes ^^
good would be, towers use ammo, so they will reload, not only good towers with dmg or speed are in advance, but towers with bigger magazines are also good

anyway.. yeah i discovered that bug, but i managed to fix it a bit, now, if you select more than 1 tower, and click on reload, only 1 tower will reload, and now the other ones will not be just disabled, they work like before, they were just not reloaded, so the bug is fixed 50% i guess ^^ it's now playable.. reload works only on 1 tower!!
(added info for that on reload spell)

~ What icon is missing?
~ What do you mean with the sound and music?!
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Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
Alright i fixed some stuff and added some small parts..

the reload bug is solved so far, i changed its effect, so you can only reload 1 weapon at once!! if you select more than 1 weapon, only 1 randomly choosen weapon gets reloaded, the rest stays at their old munition-ammount.. so no major bug here, that could effect the gameplay



Level 40
Jan 7, 2005
Rui's review for "mini CS TW" (v0.97b), by SlyRipper

This is "MINI Counterstrike Tower Wars". It is a modern warfare tower wars type map, which is pretty self-descriptive. You build towers and, at the same time, hire creeps from a mercenary camp to gain income and attempt to defeat an enemy player.The gameplay is the same as any other Tower Wars, with the exception that it is based on Counterstrike.I really don't know if the originality is a good thing on this map, because the only model used for ALL towers is the Marine, and almost all of them share the same weapons. Even if they don't, you'll hardly notice the difference between them. The thing is, towers cost food, so you'll have to sell older towers in order to purchase more advanced ones, but you have to search the descriptions to find which buildings are the oldest. Attack damages will most unlikely help you. How do you know the tower just doesn't shoot very fast?The reloading is something I found original but not particularly amusing.Other than that, I see the mistake I find in most maps: a bunch of towers that seem to have been just thrown around and get you confused. Your builder has 5 tower lists, and each list has more or less 5 towers. That makes (more or less) 25. If you're not a Counterstrike player, you'll have a hard time understanding this.
Negative grade goes also for the sounds. They stand out for the wrong reasons, by doing nothing except increasing filesize.
This resource also disobeys the Map Submission Rules. You have to give credits to every author, not The Hive Workshop. Rejected(until updated).
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
There aren't much features that make this map different from others, the first thing you notice is the reload-system, although much players will hate it, it's necessary for a CSS-map.
Another feature that your map has are the sounds, the sounds increase the filesize and are useless, they have nothing to do with the map - CSS-sounds could be good, but not this.

For the rest, it's all a bit of a blur... the tower description doesn't include the range, there are no hotkeys (except for sell - which is F for some reason), the AWP only has 700 range and attacks fast (doesn't seem quite right for the best sniper), all models were the same (a small color change and unit scale difference...), you had better spend the file size on models rather than the sounds.

Well, it's a good try... it certainly needs some work, though.
Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
Sounds are on most CS Servers, so it's also a main part of the Game! I reduced the size of the sounds to a minimum, so the models take more space, than the sounds (all sounds together are smaller than 200kb!) So they are ment to have some fun, while playing and listening to them.

The other part is the Marine Model, which is just usefull and I didn't wanted to use such many models.. Models alone don't count much.. The marine fits best.. I'm currently working on the Weapon models, I haven't found that many so I'll create some new ones for the Map..

The description will also be changed, and the Range of the Towes can be upgraded. The Attackspeed is not all, the Best Sniper with fast Atkspeed, does lack in other parts.. like reloadtime.. The reload time and atkspeed is well made, because of Wc3 it doesn't vary that much for you, because every unit attacks "Very Fast" with an attackspeed, which is faster than 0.9.. and most weapons have faster atkspeed, so nearly all are "Very Fast", but they still vary a lot..

I tried to make it as less confusing as i could.. including seperating all the weapon shops into specific build groups.. like "Pistols" "Rifles" and so on.. each normal person will know that a pumpgun has more power than a pistol.. so this should be clear.. for further information there are Prices behind the weapons, that are also giving better information about the weapons, so a weapon for just 50$ will not be better, than a weapon, bought for 5000$.. So I don't know why people have these problems..

Some more detailed Credits will also be added, I just forget about it and later I can't remember all the names, while I was getting a Model from this User and another from this, till they were so many, that I couldn't add all or remember them.. So mainly giving credits to this site, seemed to be enough for me.. but however, I try to collect all the information needed..