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Mini Arena: Skeletons versus Villagers

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Level 2
Jun 12, 2010
Hello! First of all I must say that I am not from english speaking country, so my grammar is poor!

So why a Mini? Because mini is sweety. And why Arena? Because arena is funny. Thats all about my project! Bye,bye

Ok,ok Just kidding

Game Objective
Map Size: 32x32 (Thats it what I meaning:grin:)
Player: 4 player (2v2 or 1v1v1v1)
Heroes: 8. Four Skeletons and four villagers
Items: Lot of custom items
Modes: 3 Avalibe Modes:
Team deathmatchdefault mode, two teams- skeletons vs. villagers. First Team with Score 10 win!
Deathmatch all players are your opponent.You have 20 minute to Win!
Capture the Flag and surive with them!
Unique Gold System. You founded coins on the ground every 60 second!

Terrain = 5%
Items = 1%
Heroes = 1%
Modes = 80 %
Not open for further replies.