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Micro/Macro VS Micro/Macro Project 2

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Level 4
Sep 25, 2009
Here I made an alpha map of micro/macro project, just to see if it is fun to play. No balance or testing is provided, just basic mechanics! This map is meant to play 2vs2, with no AI enabled: every team is composed by a "micro" player (that only controls war units) and a "macro" player (that only controls workers). Trust me if I say that, even so, there is MUCH ELSE that a macro player can do during the game!
There are some things to say:

1) In this alpha version you can only play human VS human

2) I wanted the first hero to revive instantly, but I failed to create a good trigger making so. Any suggestion?

3) I didn't put the "Melee Game - Enforce victory/defeat conditions" trigger because some of the players don't have a townhall! As a consequence, nothing will happen when you win/lose. This is just the alpha map anyway.

4) In this map I provided two principal ways to manage the "micro" player's economy. The first one is having the "macro" player sharing resources with his friend; the second one is giving the "micro" player a bit of gold/wood periodically, and making him take some more through creeping/fighting. I still don't know which one is more fun to play with, and your opinion could be decisive in the discussion.

Finally, I hope you'll enjoy the project and will share your ideas how to change/improve/add to the gameplay. Enjoy and post your opinions!


  • MM(2)TheTwoRivers.w3x
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