Metroid Prime 2 Spells

Level 4
Aug 3, 2004
I need help with spells for my map... 'nuff said.

Spell Name: Power Beam
Description: Fires a steady stream of energy (Should be tin orange balls being fired) at an enemy dealing very low damage. Costs No Mana.

Spell Name: Charge Beam
Description: When uses, drains 10 Mana every 2 seconds. This makes all beams fire slower, but comes out in one big blast that deals extra damage and added effects. Lasts until turned off or there is not enough mana remaining.
Charge Effect - More Damage, Splash
Dark Effect - Frozen, Damage Over Time, Splash
Light Effect - Homing, Damage Over Time, Splash, +500 Range
Annihiliater Effect - Stun, Splash

Spell Name: Dark Beam
Description: Fires a dark blob of energy that is slow moving, bu has a fast rate of fire. Costs 2 Mana Per Shot.

Spell Name: Light Beam
Description: Fires a stream of light that is quick, has a high rate of fire, but on travels a short range. Costs 2 Mana Per Shot.

Spell Name: Annihilater Beam
Description: Fires an extremely rapid fire powerful shot. It costs 20 mana per shot.

Spell Name: Morph Ball Form
Description: Samus becomes a small ball that increases speed, but disables beam functions.

Spell Name: Boost Ball
Description: Use Charge for a base, but make it usable in morph ball form only. Deals small amounts of damage, and increases speed for a small duration of time.

Spell Name: Morph Ball Bomb
Description: Lays a small bomb, up to 3 can be there at a time. The bomb explodes in a very small radius that deals a bit of damage only. It explodes 2 seconds after being laid. Morph Ball Form only.

Spell Name: Power Bomb
Description: Lays a power bomb that deals 1/4 of an enemy's HP for every second they stay in the huge explosion. Up to 3 can be laid before you need more ammo.
Level 8
Jul 20, 2004
For the first one... it sounds just like the Steam Tank's attack. So you could try and create a dummy Steam Tank (just like a dummy unit... with locust and everything) and make it attack the target for a limited period.

For the second one... Trigger the Mana Drain in a different trigger. Or create a dummy unit with negative Brilliance aura with 0 range and at the position of the (Casting Unit) and that's kinda it. Watch the buffs! And as for the big shot, base it off the Mortar Team's expliosion. For the other effects, give the unit different orbs abilities and when the unit stops casting the ability, remove all the orb abilities as a precaution.

Morph Ball Bomb... Hmm, try using Statis Ward with different stats and trigger the damage yourself if you have to. Same with the last one, just that the triggered damage is done by a dummy unit/each enemy unit and which deals (life of (Picked Unit)/4) damage.