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Meta Knight is the protector of Dream Land. With his sword, Galaxia, he is able to fend off the most dangerous enemies. As a mentor of Kirby, he teaches him new techniques and will sometimes battle him. His cape turns into a pair of wings, that allow him to glide for long distances.

Please do not redistribute or edit without proper permission.

Credit to:
Zerox (textures and initial wrapping)
Lord_T (reanimating and merging both forms, and second wrapping)

Without there huge amount of help, this model wouldn't have been possible. =D

meta, knight, sword, cape, wings, mask, yellow, purple, blue, Galaxia, kirby, king, dedede, dream, land, varsaigen, Zerox, Lord_T

MetaKnight (Model)

18:05, 2nd Nov 2008 General Frank: Not really your work, but I approve .....this time




18:05, 2nd Nov 2008
General Frank:

Not really your work, but I approve .....this time
Level 5
Jun 27, 2008
looks nice, but the sword should be a bit gray and with no spikes on it, (not because it looks bad, but i think meta knight originaly has no spike on his)^^
Level 1
Jan 29, 2012
Pretty good but could be improved would be even better.

Now what would be even better is that created all the characters in Super Smash Bros Brawl which is the Nintendo Wii