Melee Gnomes?

Level 4
Dec 14, 2004
Couldn't say this all in the title, but I was wondering if you were going to release the gnome race in a melee map before you finished the campaign, or if the gnome race was even going to be balanced to the other races.

Also I read somewhere in the forum that you weren't giving your triggerers much work because the terrain needs to be done first, so does that mean you aren't doing a large focus on triggered spells?

P.S. If you ever need more Triggerers/Jass just let me know.
Level 17
Nov 14, 2004
Our (mine and North Star's ) first goal was to make many races from azeroth playable as melee. First would be gnomes, but then we came with an idea to make campaign. Don't know if we will continue this first goal, but anyway the idea of releasing tech tree in melee map sounds good to me :)

We are not giving triggerers much work, yes. But those who can use JASS and make spells are doing it (Leopard and Azure) so don't worry about triggered spells 8)

Thanks for your offer, maybe we could cooperate someday :)