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[AI] Melee AI?

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Level 2
Oct 29, 2004
:shock: Hey all! okay I figured out the AI crap, and i have a great ai, but do i have to make Triggers to load up my AI in World Editor, well ive made some Melee AI's and ive added them to my map, and set triggers to make them load for the computer of a certain color, well when i hit test ai it plays the AI fine and whatever on the example map "twisted Meadows", i took twisted meadows, and added my own triggers, and i guess by doing this it doesnt make it a melee map anymore, is there another way to make the AI load up without adding triggers? or are my triggers wrong i have my triggers doing this right now to load my AI "if ((Player 1 (RED) controller) Equal to Computer) then do (AI-Start Melee Script for player 1(RED):WAR3MAPIMPORTED\Raidersgrunt.ai)

i have two of these for my 2 AI's? Whats wrong please help. Is it my triggers? my map? please help!!!!! :shock:
Level 2
Sep 4, 2004
You have to load your ai with a trigger or with a
jass script code, or you figure out how the ai
editor loads it without one :)

In your conditions you must also check "player slot
status" = "is playing" or you would load them
for players who you did not set at the start.
(i dont know if this even causes any error, maybe
not but it looks more pro :) )
Also check for the race (except yours covers all).

I test my melee AIs with the ai editor on blizz
melee maps. Then i insert them into my all-around
modified map and lets see how it acts in extreem
situations :) (i.e. Ice Crown 3v3v3v3 with 4x mines
and 2x trees)

ps: use the random function if u have two different
orc AIs to load them randomly for orc CPU-players.
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