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Feb 3, 2010
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Here is the "Easy AI Tester" utility. It makes it possible to test AI scripts on both melee and non-melee maps with higher game speeds. It practically copies (and slightly improves) the functionality of the Test Configuration tab in the AI Editor.

I tried to keep it very simple, just browse for war3.exe, select map, set the slots and click the Test button. If no mistakes has been detected, it will then create the .wgc file and launch war3.exe. You may notice that there is no "Computer" control in the options. To set the computer player select "Map AI". That slot will then use whatever AI is defined in the map file.

Feel free to report problems, ask questions and suggest changes! :)

Tip: If you already have added some scirpts into the map, to properly load both map defined and custom AI's, you will need to specify triggers in this order:
- AI - Start melee AI script for Player x: war3mapImported\<x ai>.ai
- AI - Start melee AI script for Player y: war3mapImported\<y ai>.ai
- ...
- Melee Game - Run melee AI scripts (for computer players)


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