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Mehrunes-Dagon invades The Hive

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Level 2
Sep 25, 2009
I would like to introduce myself. I am Mehrunes-Dagon, Daedric Prince whom has come to invade the Hive. Well, not really invade..... more like associate and participate within this community.

As you probably know, I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan, however, I am also a huge Warcraft 3 fan. I am currently a University Student in Toronto who decided since I was finishing up my first Warcraft 3 map, or atleast put it in Public Beta, that I join a community.

I have always used The Hive Workshop for resources such as trigger knowledge and in the odd case models, however, since I do not believe in "Map Protection" I figured I needed a place to officialize the creator of my maps, in the event someone dares try to seal credit for my hours of work. I also joined because I love this community.

I hope to see you all on Warcraft 3! :infl_thumbs_up:
Not open for further replies.