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Mass War Factions V1.12

Submitted by Stonebludgeon
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Long ago, before the plague of the source, before the first human or orc was born. Before the existance of the night elf sentinel and the hatching of the first of the mortal dragons (what came first, the dragon or the egg?). Back then, a war waged between the elements, shaking the very foundation of our now known worlds. A war that would shape the fate of all...

There were eight factions. When the war broke out, each faction called upon the aid of there element, releasing a power to the battlefield never seen before. Their factions became the Fire, Nature, Air, Mystic, Tech, Water, Holy and Earth.

The first and only finished faction for now is the Mysic. The Mystic have forced there powers in secret, creating sources of energy where they could tap their power from. The Mystic boast many spellcasters, aswell as magical melee and air. The only downside is their total lack of ranged units.

The next faction to be released will be Nature. Thats why Ill tell a little about them. The nature boast strong ranged units aswell as a large number of melee. Their army is supported by the strong wizardry men, known as druids.

Mass War Factions brings few new options beside the normal warcraft III options:
- The possibility to command up to 300 hunderd units instead of the 12 usual.
- When the game start you have to chose your faction. When you do so an entire base is
automatically summoned.
- Buildings are not constructed whit a builder but by selecting building foundations where you can
construct them.
- Nearly all unit powers are autocasted, which is done to make life more simple.

The credits for the custom models, icons and special effects go to their respective owners from the hiveworkshop.

Why should(nt) I download this map?
Why should I download this map?
- Nice special effects
- A new race/faction (no I didnt copy the old races)
- A new system to command up to threehunderd units whit one click
- A new system for spawning units (whell atleast I havent seen anything like it before)
- A nice terrain (at some points)
- Triggered abilities (most are at least)

Why shouldnt I download this map?
- It has a normal loading screen (some people seem to hate this)
- Its not using JASS o0
- Im running the game on a pentium 3 and my computer laggs when there are more than
thirty units at the screen
- An ugly terrain (at some points)
- Im to lazy to read the info given at the start of the game, so I dont know what to do.
I think this game sucks. Noob creator. Why make a map so hard to understand whitout
reading the info? Lets just delete this from my downloaded maps.

Mass Wars War Factions Spawn Races Realms Big Armies Battle Magic

Mass War Factions V1.12 (Map)

16:41, 2nd May 2009 by bounty hunter2: Lacks in originality, terrain and Object Editor Work, Rejected.
  1. 16:41, 2nd May 2009 by bounty hunter2:
    Lacks in originality, terrain and Object Editor Work, Rejected.