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[Solved] Mass "Dark Conversion"-type ability?

Level 11
May 9, 2021
Hello all.

Basically what I'm looking for is a mass Dark Conversion spell - but with a slight twist.

What I want to do is have units (owned by a specific player) who are currently affected by a specific buff turn into a different unit upon my unit casting a spell (say "Howl of Terror).

To better explain it, lets say I have a Necromancer in a group of Villagers. The Necromancer uses the ability "Infect" (based off Drunken Haze) on the Villagers. The Villagers now have the "Infected" buff. Then, the Necromancer uses "Convert" (based off Howl of Terror) to turn the Villagers into Zombies under their control.

Help is appreciated :)
Level 22
Aug 29, 2012
This shouldn't be too difficult, you can start with something like this

  • Conversion
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    • Conditions
      • (Ability being cast) Equal to Howl of Terror
    • Actions
      • Set VariableSet Point_Temp = (Position of (Triggering unit))
      • Set VariableSet UnitGroup_Temp = (Units within 600.00 of Point_Temp matching (((Matching unit) has buff Drunken Haze) Equal to True).)
      • -------- ---------- --------
      • Unit Group - Pick every unit in UnitGroup_Temp and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Unit - Change ownership of (Picked unit) to (Owner of (Triggering unit)) and Change color
          • Unit - Replace (Picked unit) with a Zombie using The old unit's life and mana
      • -------- ---------- --------
      • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_Point_Temp)
      • Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_UnitGroup_Temp)
Replace the abilites with yours and it should do the trick. You may want to add some special effects and what not in the "loop" otherwise the unit replacing may appear a bit bland