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Marine War's 1.10

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Oct 27, 2009
Well as some of you guys maybe know, Marine War's already exist at hiveworkshop. But now im planing to make some global changes and i need help of some people and if you wanna be one of them just keep reading this post and on the end if you know how to make some thing that i need download unprotected map from here and make that inside of map and then sent it to me at [email protected]
As I already said Marine War's already exist here at hiveworkshop, but as i can see from comments from people that played map it pretty boring at begining and there is no game modes or anything that is new here, or ground braking how they like to say. So i decide to make new map and add some more marines and put some game modes. Here is info...

Map Info:
-Map Size: 128 x 128
-Tileset: Sunken Ruins (Jungle)
-Number of Players: 8
-Marines: 6 for now (from last version of map: Scout, Sniper, Mediciner, Machinegunner, Stealth and Squad Leader), (if you have idea for some new marines feel free to share it whit me, or if you have ideas for skills or something like that...)

-Terrian: 100%
-Units: 100%
-Skills: 50%
-Trigers/Systems: 50%

What im planing to make in marine wars v1.10???

First there will be some game modes, im planing to make three game modes:
1. Deathmatch
2. Team Deathmatch
3. Capture the Flag

Well whit that i need help.

I need someone who can make system whit dialog windows (you know what I mean, when the game starts host will be able to choose game mode while the other players are paused. But I need someone who can do it this way, when host choose "Deathmatch" all players will be automaticly set to play one aginst other. When choose "Team Deathmatch" to show to host onter window that will ask host how many players will be in each team, like 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 and i need system that automatically calculates number of players in the game so if there is 6 players host can't choose 4v4 but re-select. When choose "Capture The Flag" game mode to automatically create two teams whit same amount of players +/-1 player If an odd number of players. Also one thing that should be part of this system is when host choose "Deathmatch" or "Team Deathmatch" to show him last window whit amount of kills needed for winning, and that will be "25", "50", "75" and "100". Also i need multiboard that will calculate number of kills for each player in "Deathmatch" and "Team Deathmatch" and numbers of flags taken and return to chack point in "Capture the Flag", and in "Deathmatch" calculate number of kills for each player for self and when player have enough kills (25, 50, 75, 100 depends how many kills chost cjoose for victory conndition) and in "Team Deathmatch" to calculate for each player kills for it self but also for whole team, like in old "Angel Arena" maps, and in "Capture the Flag" to calculate kills for each player but to kills dont effect to victory conndition, but to calculate how many times flag was returned to check point for whole team and also for each player for self.

So if anyone can make this system like i describe it i would be realy grateful and also i will give him credits and list him as one of most important poeople that work on this project and large amount of +rep ofc.

Also if some have ideas for some new Marines, new Skills or to repleace some skills for existing marines all suggestions are wellcome.

Credits for now:
-Thanks to Paladon for knockback system
-Thanks to RMX for his owesome spell packs
-Thanks to NFWar for his owesome Explosive Spell Pack
-Thanks to Dekku for his spell pack

For models and icons:
gwes10, jk2pach, General Frank, WILLTHEALMIGHTY, Epsilon, Kofi_Banan, abriko, anarchianbedlam, HappyTauren, JonNny, Darkfang, AlienArsonist, Hybred...
and much more people that names i cant find...


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*Response to PM*

First and foremost, as far as I know I have never made an arrow key movement system (With exception of the Racetrack Map, which Totally Failed).

Second, You should change the name of 'mediciner' to 'Medic' as it sounds a tad bit more professional, and other Marines could be:
Heavy Ordinance (Grenade Launcher,Rocket launcher,explosives)
ShockTrooper (Energy/Shock Weapon PErhaps like Epsilons EnergyRifle, Link below)

Third, I will try my best with the systems. I know I can do it but it wont be very efficient and might have some bugs, but until you get a better one you could use mine.

Give me some time and Ill add them to your map and post it back up.
Something appears to be wrong with the map, I thought you said this one was unprotected?
send me Unprotected map;
[email protected]
Playing the map also appears to crash warcraft, This may be my computer though its been acting strange lately.
Ill work on systems without map but it would be easier to have it.
[I've started on systems and I think it would be better if Player 1 (red) could change peoples teams In-game rather than at the begining. I would do this for you through Dialogs such as saying;
, Would open dialog showing all the players and clicking them would pop up another dialog saying all the teams, then it changes them to selected team. Im going to work on this instead so I can show it to you.]
Besides Deathmatch how many teams do you want? (Im going with 4)
Do you want the computers to be team changable?
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