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[Crash] map (un)protection prob

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Level 3
May 12, 2012
i would like to edit some models and 1 useless ulti in the map "x hero siege".
for the case that u think i would want to do some shittyfuck: no, i'm having a small (3-6ppl) lanparty almost every day and my friends have requested me to put in some stylish models, for example Kwaliti's lichking. i'm not going to change any credits and i wont put the edited version into the inet. it is rly just for our personal fun/use/everyday-lanparty. so far. now the point!
the map seems to be protected, all 3 versions that we have.
whenever i try to open it, i get a critical error, telling me i wouldn't have enough storage.
now i have opened it with WinMPQ. almost everything inside is "unknown", so i created a txt-file with the name "war3map.wtg", added it to the map, closed winmpq, opened the map again with winmpq, deleted the file and closed winmpq again.
now i get a new errormessage, telling "couldn't load data, -missing level-info-data".

what to do now? :(
Level 17
Jul 17, 2011
some people take too much pride in their work, i have seen simple aos maps with nothing custom being protected -__-' i mean are you making money from your map that you have to protect it? there are many unprotected versions of x hero map out there, that is why it is imbalanced now because some one added the new hero IMBA mirmidon maybe you should look for that map and remove that hero however i strongly discourage you to make changes to the map if you find an unprotected version, its an old map and ur just wasting your time. adding things like new models really? -___-
Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
How to screw a good map: Leave it open. Eventually there will be hundreds of buggy, lagged, versions, no one will know which one is the last, and who's the original author... Thats equal to people will quit playing.

Example: Green TD.
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