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Map opening problem

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Level 18
Aug 13, 2007
Okay... My WE suddenly refused to open my map. It opened it repeatedly, and then, when I opened it for last, it says "Main map file could not be opened."

Things I've done with this map:
- Importing custom models that WORKED both ingame and in WE.
- No scripting, I'm no jasser.
- No resizing of camera/map bounds
- Importing a custom ground texture that WORKED both ingame and WE.

What could the problem be?


  • OvermindOverrun.rar
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Level 8
Sep 15, 2006
Did you try protecting this or any other version of the map? Or did something weird happen while trying to save the map? I can't open it either.
Level 11
Aug 25, 2006
Sorry. The map's been corrupted. It can't be opened by winmpq or any other mpq editor.

The mpq is completely shot. The map is unrepairable.
Ways this could happen:
It was on your flash drive and you pulled it out too quick.
You shut off your comp while it was saving.
You end task-ed it while it was saving.
Level 3
Mar 6, 2007
There is still a chance you can save at least most of your map. Go into your Warcraft III folder and open up your maps folder. Find your test folder and what you will find is the last map you tested (hopefully the map your making).
Open it up and chances are it will work considering you wouldn't have been able to test it if it didn't work in the first place.
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