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Map Ideas....... PLEASE!

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Level 24
Jan 19, 2008
"Troll Warz"

This game is about trolling other players.
At start of each rounds 2 random persons be picked as judges and they will pick the best troller each rounds.
The rest 10 players just try to troll each others as much as they can and try not to fall for the trolling of other players.
This is game is meant to be played by people who enjoy trolling.

The amount/lenght of rounds will be picked by host at the begining of the game.
Level 5
Jan 17, 2009
Ok every one picks a different guy, like builder spellguy sumoner so on and there are 5 differ stages. when you enter the stage time starts then you have so long for everyone to build, buy and get there base set up, then many waves come. then they move onto next stage if they survived. then keeps going till last stage then the fight a boss?
That sound ok?
Level 4
Apr 17, 2008
Make a blank epic size map with deep water and an island. Players start on the island with one transport ship and a worker. Make sure the minimap is not visible. Allow the players to roam the open seas trying to figure out what the hell they are suppose to do. Have constant tips telling them about building an empire in the new world, conquering titans in the caverns, destroying the temple of the void, and other fantasy ramble (Will keep them occupied). About 10 minutes in they will probably rage quit from wandering around what they will figure out to be is only a blank map.

-You could have little islands and what not, although not accessible, to make the empty make look filled and real keeping them traveling for longer.

-And you could have what seems to be the destination and some brilliant terrain of the coast. However have tons of tuskar natives with shadowmeld hiding in the trees so when the player lands they are instantly mauled.

-Also make sure you post a decent map description and a great icon so it looks legitimate.
Level 6
Jul 22, 2008
^^ hhmm that game sounds like the game called "the best game ever made" where every one has a golem there is no mini map, and you run around trying to kill each other while rickroll "never gonna give you up is playing in the background" there is also absolutely no point to the game
Level 3
Dec 24, 2008
Make like Terminators! It's more like vampirism... Anti-Terminators will build and make troops to defend John Connor! When Terminators killed John, the game will end, Terminators won! There will be count down timer maybe 20 mins above before the Judgement Day or more like Armageddon... Just a suggestion.. :)
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