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Map Idea: Death Note

Discussion in 'StarCraft I & II' started by Wezthal, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Wezthal


    Jun 7, 2007
    Firstly I would like to say that this is just an idea I had. I am NOT planning on making such map myself, however if someone else gets interested I would appriciate it if I got credit for the original idea.

    I know the related idology is quite dark and so on, I don't mean to offend anyone and I hope this isn't against any policies. I just think it would be an interesting idea to see how these factions would clash together. (Don't scourge and demons have quite dark ideas too?)

    Not sure what genre it could be but there could be atleast these 3 teams.
    Kira's Empire
    ULE - United Law Enforcement
    GCN - Global Criminal Network

    -Kira's Empire would ofcourse be led by the Kira himself, Yagami Light.
    -ULE would probably have Near as the leader because in the story Kira eventually defeated L so at this point L would be out of the picture.
    -GCN might have Mello as their mastermind. If not then just some generic tough guy.

    Some thoughts of each team:
    Kira's Empire
    "Criminals are just human garbage, there is no room for them in the world and it's only righteous to rid the world of them."
    "Why would the law enforcement be fighting us, they're supposed to fight the criminals. By fighting the enemies of criminals they're helping the criminals and helping crimials makes them criminals, they shall expect to mercy!"

    "This is a disaster. It seems there a global civil war going on and we're the only ones that still fight to preserve justice and order."
    "The organized crime has increased signifigantly and they're more devious than even, all thanks to Kira and his merciless kill-on-sight judgement."
    "As strongly as I believe that there is no justification for Kira's actions, it's a fact that Kira has been able to stop countless high threat target's that we weren't able to."

    "Bah, illegal business sure doesn't pay off these days. First it was just the criminal investigators or even specialized intelligence agencies, but now Kira. This is like something that no one has even been faced with before. Staying unseen and undercover is more important than ever, that forces us to think harder before we act, though this has it's benefits."
    "Not everyone has the luxuries of the developed countries and even there are these outcasts, forsaken by the goverment. How are we supposed to survive when there is nothing! No food, no water and no this has nothing to do with comforts, just basic survival, if you would just throw us a freaking bone!"

    Controlled Areas:
    Kira's Empire
    Capitals and other big cities of welfare states.

    Hidden command posts around the world, some even right at Kira's doorstep.

    Very poor and developing countries, slums and some hidden lairs in bigger cities.