[MAP] Explosions!

Level 8
May 31, 2009

I need some BETA testers for this map. If you are interested, please leave a comment in this thread or send me an e-mail at [email protected]

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Explosions is a map that I have been working on since the Beta of Starcraft 2. It was an originally mediocre map but it has really come to grow. I am currently working on version 4.0, a complete overhaul of the original map.

Goal of the Game

This is a mini-game map split into two teams, one team consisted of Survivors, and the other consisted of Exploders.

Survivors: If you are a survivor, the goal is to survive by not getting blown to bits by the Exploders. Using particular strategies such as Line of Sight and your abilities in order to escape them.

Exploders: Exploders have one goal in mind, accumulate points as quickly as possible by killing the Survivors. Every kill accumulated will give one point to your team. Get more points than the other team at the end of all rounds and you win the game. Exploders should work together in order to trap Survivors in order to get as many kills as possible.

Experience system

The experience system is a new addition to v4.0. Experience is gained by damaging Survivors, completing challenges and winning games. It will be saved inter-game along with your total amount of kills, and will increase the more you play. The current level cap is 10, and the spread is currently set up this way:

Level 1: 10 exp
Level 2: 25 exp
Level 3: 35 exp
Level 4: 50 exp
Level 5: 75 exp
Level 6: 90 exp
Level 7: 110 exp
Level 8: 145 exp
Level 9: 170 exp
Level 10: 200 exp

As it's currently set up, once you gain a level, it will take you that many experience points to get to the next level. For example, if you become level 2, it will take you 25 exp in order to become level 3, even though you already got 10 exp during level 1. However, the level spread is subject to change, as I realize it takes a VERY long time to get 200 exp after a while.



Health: 45
Speed: 2.5
Revive Time: 7 seconds
Abilities: These are being worked on for v4.0

  • Stimpack: Removes 15 health from Survivors but increases speed temporarily for 5 seconds. Careful when you use this. Because it removes 15 health, this will make you vulnerable enough to be killed in one shot if an Exploder attacks you. You cannot use this ability if you have less than 15 health as well.


Health: 35
Speed: 2.4
Damage: 35
Range: 2.625 (There is a range marker to help you)
Revive Time: 5 seconds
Abilities: These are being worked on for v4.0

  • Burrow: Permits you to burrow for 5 seconds and become invisible to the survivors for 5 seconds. If the survivor uses Scanner Sweep, you will be discovered.
  • Creep Spread: Creates creep in an area in order to slow down the survivors by 50%. This will last 25 seconds before disappearing.

There are more abilities to come. The abilities can be enabled or disabled at the initial setup.


There are currently 4 levels in Explosions! Each level has a random event that will happen at some given time during the match. Player 1 also has the option to choose 'Random Level' and choose if he wants the level events during the initial setup.

Dream Desert

  • Random Event: Sandstorm (Reduces visibility greatly. Nothing you can do about it, just play through it)

Lost Oasis

  • Random Event: Heat Wave (It becomes extremely warm outside. Cool yourself off by going in the water)

Underwater Kingdom

  • Level specific: Bubbles are created randomly across the map. Pick them up in order to regain a partial amount of breath.

Lava Spire

  • Level Specific: Lava hurts you over time.
  • Random Event: Volcanic Eruption (Rocks will fall from the sky, there will be an area to designate where they fall)


Runes are special objects that spawn randomly across the playing field every 30 seconds. A message will let you know when there is one that spawned, but the players must find it. Once it's found, the players will be notified of what type of rune it was and which team picked it up. These runes may be enabled or disabled at the initial setup. Here are the current runes:

  • Rune of Armor: Adds 50 armor to the player who grabs this rune. If the player is an Exploder, nothing happens.
  • Rune of Duplication: Creates a duplicate of the player, with the same amount of health. If the player is an Exploder, the duplicate does 15 damage.
  • Rune of Health: Regenerates 50 health. If the player is an Exploder, nothing happens.
  • Rune of Speed: Increases the speed of the player for 10 seconds.
  • Rune of Cloaking: Makes the player invisible for 15 seconds.


Challenges are specific goals that give a certain amount of experience depending on the difficulty of the challenge. They are saved inter-game. Here are a list of challenges implemented in-game already:

1. You're not in Kansas anymore: Kill 10 players
2. New Recruit: Win a Game

Changelog 4.0

  • Added a 'Challenges' Button at the top of the screen. Click this to display all challenges completed and in progress.
  • Added a 'Game Info' Button at the top of the screen. This will replace the Help Menu Tips section.
  • Game Mode Menu modified. Choose your round, time and map to your selection by clicking on the arrows on either side of the option. These choices will be seen by the other players.
  • Camera now changes to a view of the level before selection.
  • Game Timer is displayed on the leaderboard itself instead of it's own seperate window.
  • A countdown before each round will be shown.
  • The time chosen and the number of rounds picked are now displayed on the left of the screen.
  • Changed the looks and information displayed by the leaderboard. It now displays your kills (game and globally), the player you killed, your deaths (game and globally), your Kill/Death Ratio (game and globally) as well as the amount of runes you picked up as an end-game report. During the game however is still restrained to your kills.
  • Made the Winning / Losing easier to notice at the end of the game.

  • Added Challenges. View the Challenge section of the thread for a list of all the challenges.

  • Level name will be displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Added two new levels, Underwater Kingdom and Lava Spire. Grassy Plains has been replaced by Dream Desert. Check the Level section of the thread for all info on the levels.

  • Experience is now gained for damaging the Survivors. This is a new Shared Experience System because you only gain 1 point per Final Blow.

  • Removed the Explosion Rune.
  • Added the Stimpack Ability for Survivors and the Burrow Ability for Exploders. Check the Ability section of the thread for full details on these spells.

  • Finishing the game as a Tie will end the game instead of adding two rounds each time the score is tied.

Keep track of this first post. All updates will be made on this post only. I will mention when an update is made on the "last page"
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Level 9
Oct 2, 2008
I haven't played your map, I just took a look at it.

1. I like models for Exploders and Escapers. I think everyone likes Marine and what can explode better then Baneling?

2. I don't like the terrain. It's all empty. You should add at least enviorment or tiles ( I think it's all light dirt, correct me if wrong ).

Idea isn't bad, but terrain dosen't make me want to play it.
Level 8
May 31, 2009
Removed, and guys I just noticed that Blizzard doesn't permit more than 6 players into a map (For now I hope) and so my number of players allowed in the beta dropped to 5 players (Well 4 because Ialready have someone on the list)


NVM, I figured out how the publishing works (And how to fix all the small problems like the number of players.) Now I need 8 more players.
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Unfortunately I don't even have the map anymore...not even on the pastebin. I would technically have to restart from zero.

I'm pretty sure if I restarted it, it would be 5 times better because I'm more familiar with the editor now.

Oh thats sad. Always keep a backup file.
But. If you published it to battle.net without protection you can download it from their database again.
Level 8
May 31, 2009
This map is now REVAMPED! I re-made it, just about the same as it was during it's first phase, but it will now see many more updates unlike it's predecessor. Make sure to look up Explosions on the custom games of the NA server. I would also need 9 other people in order to get a video out of it :). PM me if you're interested.


Updated. Changelog on first post
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