Malygos Warcraft 3 model editor problems.

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Apr 14, 2012
I have created a quite simple model in Malygos Warcraft 3 model editor, simply just adding the sword from a naga myrmidon to that of a fell-guard. The model works just fine in the view, with all the animations working fluidly and sword was fully textured. But when I import it into Warcraft 3 there is no sword on the fell-guard. I first believed it was a possible texture error and that the texture for the sword hadn't loaded, but when I had about 20 of them in the same place I saw the sword, not attached to the body but on the ground.
Here is how I created the model.
1.Loaded FellGuard.mdl
2. Deleted the weapon from its hand
3. Imported the necessary goesets from the naga myrmidon, and attached the m to weapon.ref
Imported the textures and there appropriate paths.
Checked animations.
Imported into Warcraft 3

So have I missed a step, as I am quite new to this software I was hoping you could shed some light on the conundrum of mine.

P.S I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I though Id do it it anyway as it seems to have ties in with the tool Malygos created.
Here is a link to the tool:
The issue here may be that "Weapon Ref" is an "Attachment" node, and geosets are only supposed to be attached to "Bone" nodes, if I remember right. Try looking at the "Weapon Ref", and the thing it's attached to, and maybe retry but attaching that new sword to the node "Weapon Ref" is attached to. That might end up being a helper node, though.

In the case of the Felguard, it appears that Weapon Ref is attached to "HandRight", which is a bone. So you want your weapon attached to "HandRight".

To be honest, I don't know exactly how the Magos editor imports geosets, but I was able to make this in about 4 minutes according to my computer clock using the Matrix Eater's Import menu. As the author of the Matrix Eater, I'm using an experimental version that hasn't been released to the public yet and which worked a little bit faster, I think, but the functionality is all there. It can import all 3 geosets from the Felguard and their Materials and Textures, all almost instantly. You just have to click the "Leave All" button on Animations, Bones, and Objects, because you don't want to import any of those with its overtly complicated importer. And to define what the Geosets are attached to, you go to the Matrices tab and navigate on the right to the 3 weapon Geosets, and click in "Old Bone References" where it will probably list some random name from inside the Myrmidon. The "New Refs" section should be empty if you clicked Leave All for myrmidon bones, and you can just find "HandRight" on the right side of the screen and click "Use Bone(s)" on it to overwrite the "old bone references" (what the geoset was attached to) with a new reference to "HandRight". Then you need to repeat that 2 more times for the other 2 Myrmidon geosets that include the weapon.
Last step is SHIFT+click select all 3 new geosets in "Visibility" tab and on "Existing animation visibility from" pick "Geoset 1" from the Felguard. This tells the computer when the felguard is dead and hidden, showing only a corpse, the Myrmidon weapon should be hidden too.

The hard part about the Matrix Eater importer is that it is able to do too much. It can import the Peasant's gold-bag-carry onto a footman, import the arm movements so that the footman carries it properly, and etc., and do all sorts of things that you probably don't need in this case. But, if you can get down the basics of using it, it can make basic geoset imports pretty fast to do.

Out of curiosity, I'm so used to using my Matrix Eater software (and before it, I used Oinkerwinkle's stuff), that I lack skill in Magos's model editor. What button did you push to delete everything except for the sword of the Myrmidon? I wanted to re-create your example to learn about it, and I couldn't get it right. For me, it's a 4 minute job in my own software, so I haven't learned other software enough.


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