Male Mechagnome

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A soundset for a male Mechagnome unit or Hero.
This is mostly the same quotes as the female one, except for the last two pissed quotes.

MaleMechagnomeDeath (Sound)

MaleMechagnomePissed1 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomePissed2 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomePissed3 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomePissed4 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomePissed5 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeReady (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeWarcry (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeWhat1 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeWhat2 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeWhat3 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeWhat4 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYes1 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYes2 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYes3 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYes4 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYesAttack1 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYesAttack2 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYesAttack3 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYesAttack4 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYesAttack5 (Sound)

MaleMechagnomeYesAttack6 (Sound)