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Making upgraded buildings sell different units?

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Level 6
Mar 17, 2012
Keep in mind that I am selling units, not training them. Also to know: Players own these buildings, it is not Neutral Passive.

My building, BuildingA, sells a unit. This part works fine. When BuildingA upgrades into a new building - BuildingB - it is supposed to sell a new unit. Rather than sell this new unit, it sells the same unit BuildingA had and no other unit.

How can I fix this so that an upgraded structure that sells units does not have the same units for sale as its prior state? Thank you.
Level 11
Nov 15, 2007
Is it possible to have more than one of this building type per player? If not, you could use tech tree requirements. All of the sellable units would still be in the level 1 building, but they'd be grayed out until you upgrade it to the required tech level.
Level 1
Dec 25, 2011
I'm fairly new here, but I've been working with the WE for a little while. Have you considered simply training the units like normal, but lowering the training time to be instantaneous? Or were you looking to use a set cap on the amount that could be recruited, so that it would have to replenish over time?
Level 10
Apr 27, 2012
in the category 'neutral buildings' there's a trigger to remove sold units from structures. However this only works if...

- ... the unit was added to the building via trigger 'neutal building - add unit-type (to marketplace)'
- ... the structure affected has the 'sell unit' ability

Trigger 1:
Event: elapsed game time =1
Action: neutal building - add unit-type

Trigger 2:
Event: unit completes upgrade
Action: neutal building - remove unit-type
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