Making Multiple levels of triggered hero spells

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Jan 31, 2011
Hi, I have a triggered hero spell where the hero has a chance on hit to cause a dummy unit to cast chain lightining. Thats not the problem though, I don't know how to make separate triggers to use higher level dummy units when he levels up the ability. I don;t want it him to have lvl 3 of the ability still making weak 100 damage chain lightnings. So how do I make a condition that's like "LEVEL OF HERO SPELL = 2" ENABLE THIS TRIGGER DISABLE THAT TRIGGER?
Level 29
Mar 10, 2009
first, edit the chain lightning ability on the object editor, make it 10 levels...damage is
100/120/140... or suite your needs...

then use integer variable in the trigger when the spell is casted...

trigger should look like this

  • Actions
  • set level = level of ability being cast for triggering unit
    • create dummy for....
    • add chainlightning ability to your dummy
    • set level of chainlightning for dummy to level <<< this is the level of your CL ability for hero
then that should be it, your dummy has a multi level spell!
sorry if it's too messy, Im outside :)...
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