Major Event - The End

Level 3
Jul 22, 2007
(See for the original place I posted this.)

I'd like to tell Panther something, and the rest of the boards with him.

I quit.

I'm serious. Panther's actions been dropping in quality since I met him on Hive. He's begun work on The Lore, which he wields as a mighty force for stupid, which has slowly shut down options. (While providing somewhat interesting reading, though.) He's been adding more predictability to the map, increasing the odds that each game will play the same.

Not merely that. Some time ago, he temporarily left the boards, not posting much, but reading. He then began degrading the community of these boards far more then previously; announced that he had removed Epic Events, and recruited a host of Ring Wars players, shut down plans for the RP game that he was planning to run, and all in all switched from being someone who I could think of as a peer and started being someone who I could just think of as a jerk.

He has been ostracizing his original community, favoring the suggestions of his newer members. The shamans in his clan have changed to (Once again) the Ring Wars community, who have a game of their own. He's changed his one clan effectively into two, one the real clan (Who are supposedly more prestigious), and one a sub-clan of people who he invited, then decided weren't good enough to be a real part of the true clan.

Looking more at the map, he's increased the number of creatures, rearranged the map to put the most powerful unit in the game in the middle of a spawn point/pathway, added vast numbers of Minor Heroes, and increased the amount of micromanagement required for competence. He's also planning to reduce the number of allies you can have, to make it so a 6-man team is impossible. These moves push it farther from casual play with friends, and into a tournament zone.

(I'm going to have a brief digression on the topic of reducing the number of allies you can have, and that is that it seems to me that you cannot really enforce such a thing. You may be able to stop their units autoattcking eachother, but you can't make them attack eachother rather then someone else; and there really isn't an end in this game.)

I hope the Ring Wars players are enjoying themselves, but the game's become steadily less interesting for me. I fear that, eventually, Panther may wake up to see that nobody plays the latest version of his map; with the Ring Wars players playing Ring Wars and his older players either playing some new game, similar to CFSD, that someone else thought of, or just playing an older version of CFSD, simply because the latest version isn't fun.

I am leaving the clan and am not going to post on the forums, though I may eventually check my Private Messages. I'm sorry that Panther made this nessecary, because it was fun while it lasted, but right now? I don't think I can say anything more than that... I quit.
Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Honestly, I don't see why you feel this way? Sota is the one who wanted me to call off the Rp forum for reasons of, I hate Free-form rp, and sota wanted free-form RP I wanted a structured almost DnD style system. So we kept fighting over it and it never got made.

I don't see why the heck you'd want to make the game more simple and better for the "casual players" these are the people who don't have any micro talent, and are easily decimated by anyone with skill, I rather not play with them.

The reason I changed a lot of the clan around was quite frankly to fix multiple issues with the shamans, mainly they sucked at everything but Sereg, which is not acceptable. They also did not try and recruit any good spawn based players *which all happen to be in the lotr community*.

Also, on top of all of this I would like to point out that the alliance limit is not a negative thing in my book, I consider it a major positive. 6-man alliances is total over-powered bullcrap, also herakles has been in that same-spot for a ton of vers, he's there because I wanted to make darkborne manor, which couldn't fit if he was elsewhere.

Finally, I'd like to say I'm sorry you feel that way, but I don't see how Sereg isn't getting infinitely better and more refined. Also, you do realize Epic Events are only Temporarily removed right? I just wanted to fix them, because the current ones are utter trash.

P.S. Good luck and good bye thrune.