Hey! It's been a while since I've posted something new here.
And... I decided to post
EVEN MORE item models.

Today I present you the Miscellanous mechanical parts pack or as I call it - the M.M.P.P.

The M.M.P.P. contains 4 item models that use standart textures and 1 custom low size particle texture.
Unfortunately, this item models don't have own unique icons at the moment.

That's it. That's all I can say. :peasant-smile:
I hope this mechanical item model will be useful!

Have a great day! And please, credit me as Kenathorn. I'll really appreciate that. :peasant-thumbs-up:

M.M.P.№1 (Model)

M.M.P.№2 (Model)

M.M.P.№3 (Model)

M.M.P.№4 (Model)

General Frank
A neat and small pack of item models. Nicely made and properly adapted to wc3. Models work in-game and perform well.