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Lots and lots of ideas for maps. REPLY ASAP

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Level 4
Jul 21, 2010
omg omg omg i am bursting with ideas and i dont know where to start so ill list them for you

Idea for map named Super Smash Blizzard:

its supposed to be like super smash brothers except you get to play as starcraft and warcraft toons.


play as one of the mighty units of warcraft with any class you like

play as a starcraft marine or zergling or protoss zealot

and there should be warcraft and starcraft heros too

the game should have multiple difficulties for even those who are computer iliterate

since they cannot fall into the black abyss they should have it set to stamina

Idea for Brewfest Map:

not much to say about this one but if you know what brewfest is from world of warcraft i think a very skilled member should make that kind of a map and created with mods that every computer can see and use. lots of the maps i download wont play it because the modle settings are too high

Idea for chicken fight arena map:

you know some people like watching two chickens fight to the death but there is a problem with that so lets make it virtual!


set up a gold award for each kill of the enemy. (different chicken different gold awarded)

set it to where there can be people that can watch and bet on which chicken lives

make a building called the chicken coop where they can buy chickens to fight others.

i was also thinking a little man could come out of one door and say the whole announcment. like this "and behind this door i give you El Diablo!"

Idea for World of Warcraft For the Horde/For the Alliance Raid:

this is supposed to be where you have to kill all the enemies leaders to win against that particular race if your leader of your main city dies game over man

Examples and requirements needed for map:

houses for the Civilians of the horde/alliance to hide inside of

Hint for model size: a farm should should be the size of a human barracks the trees bigger than most buildings. its going to take a lot of resizing for most buildings and new buildings to create

you should be able to play as all the races. not set for cataclysm races

you should have control of the city leader

im pretty sure i got everything for this map idea if you have questions email me plz

I also request copies of the maps if they are made without protectors on them. just so i can see and learn how to make maps like these.
Please send me a reply or comment as soon as possable
Level 11
May 10, 2008
OMG OMG OMG! pretty intense sounding map... hope it turns out great, but as for the copies... i have none, never really play those kinda maps sorry =/
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