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lost Middle-earth map

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Level 8
May 9, 2008
Once upon a time, on my old computer i encountered a brilliant map on battlenet. It was a Middle-earth map, set long before the Lord of the Rings, (while Minas Morgul was evil, Sauron still "alive" and the western human lands not yet destroyed by the Witch-King) The map was a master-piece! The terrain was something i have rarely seen in any map, the great cities towered up before anyone and the dark forests stood silent in the time of war. It was nicely triggered and everything was just perfect. The map was a phenomenon on battlenet, and was hosted every single day. But suddenly it dissapeared! and shortly after i got a new computer and the old one got thrown away. Now, i have looked everywhere for the map, but its simply gone, replaced by cheap lotr maps and stuff that will never reach this maps status.

So i ask if anyone here now the position of the map, as said its taking place long before lotr, is heavenly made and is a masterpiece of a map, the western is also present in the map, with the human realm that i cannot remember by name, and Angmar, the realm of the witch-king. If anyone knows it please let me know.
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