looking for map

Level 21
Mar 29, 2020

I feel extremely stupid posting this, but for some reason I can't find a version of DOTA allstars compatible with patch 1.31.1 in the maps section. so yeah, I can't find the most popular map ever created. would appreciate any help... thanks!
I thought the most official version of DotA used the arbitrary code execution virus technology to add features to the game that were missing from Warcraft 3 itself and therefore it stopped working after Patch 1.26 because Blizzard removed the security holes. Is that not how it is?
So then the 1.31 version of DotA was maintained by someone else, not the original guy, because once you have power and Blizzard takes it away it's really frustrating or impossible to motivate yourself to "keep developing" content when you are literally prevented from developing it.