Looking for a map

Level 3
Mar 5, 2016
I dont remember maps name but i remember everyting inside of map

in the map you're spawning with a shade and youre picking a hero from dragon building taverns

after that you have 1 owerpowered (angel,footman) friend and 1 overpowered nemessis (demon,priest) the creatures at the map are overpowered so its kinda rpg you have to farm exp and gold

for important thing about map %60 of the map is sea there is a giant ocean middle of the map and only that (priest,footman) can walk top of it

and also like dota you can craft items (you have to kill small bosses to drop random items)

and another thing map's terrain is based on (ıce grass light grass plague and desert grass)

i have no idea what is maps name it shoul've been (Angel(something) RPG 2013) and at picture there is white thing middle of the screent

if any questions about map pls ask i want that map so bad....