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Oct 12, 2012
hi and thank you to those who are willing to help i am looking for a map that i played around 4-5 years ago that i found really fun but i have not been able to find it since i don't remember the name or the amount of people in the map ill give some info on what i remember about the game such as map descriptions and i really want to find this map again

here are some of the ideas and ask questions i might be able to add to the list
  • ninja map
  • the map starts with 1 shogun warlord person (red) in the middle who has basically an auto moving army that patrols the road of the map
  • the other people start with a single ninja hero and they have to attack the shoguns buildings to capture them
  • they capture the buildings then they can make their own troops
  • the game is like an endless tug of war you want to be shogun and you run around killing the shogun and/or other ninjas
  • other players besides red start at a certain spot on the map in diffent positions
  • the map picture that is showed in lobby shows the spawn points in different parts of the map or the little X's scattered on the map
  • the ninjas can become shogun by destroying the castle in the middle of the map
  • there are special buildings which can give very helpful bonuses
  • i found this map on epicwar.com
this is all i can remember of it. ask questions please and will try to answer and thank you very much if can find it or just try to help.
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Oct 30, 2013
Forgotten tales

Heh, my problem is similar, but so much worse, I have played a custom campaign in early RoC (that was about 12 years ago (!) ). Tthat was first first custom campaign i played ever. Sometimes i try to find it, but it seems that even google forgot about it, or maybe my memoires are not cleat enough. So pity :(
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