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Looking for a 3D Modeller&Animator

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Level 6
Jun 24, 2011
Hello guys :)
It's me again and Hades' Creations has got a new project starting!

There is only one thing I currently need for the map I am about to start from scratch and this could be exactly you, if you are familiar with 3D-Modelling and creating models entirely from nothing but the editor!
Yes, yes, the project is going to be something, that has been never really considered to be a WC3 Map before!
My project will be based on an Anime, One Piece!

Most of the readers are tending to switch off in this moment, but (!) I'm encountering shitloads of free time in the next months (long way until I will start studying) and I just need some help to start this monumental project.
If you know about One Piece (or not, does not matter :D ) and you are able to create decent 3D Models, then notify me via PM.

However, the map will try to cover the whole world of One Piece, as detailed as possible and of course, how else could it be, the terrain will be sponsored by the dire awesomeness of Hades' Creations!

So if you think, you can afford time and passion for this project, feel free to contant me!
Even if you only can spare time to create a model or two, that would be totally sufficient. The patterns I am going to use for the models are pictures from the Anime, don't worry too much about texturing, I'm quite familiar with that, I just need Animations and Base Models :)

Best regards,
Don't forget: I am looking foreward to have nice business with you! :ogre_haosis:
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