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Locust Swarm Armor Reduction

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Apr 29, 2019
Hello, I am trying to get my locusts to reduce the armor of the target they attack.

I managed to get it to work with one large single target, and then the locusts also successfully attacked a large group afterward and reduced their armor.

However, if I start the ability in range of many units, it no longer reduces armor.

If I start the ability in range of a LOT of units (like 50), it no longer even damages or shows attack animation when the locust gets to its target. I can't figure this out. This part happens even when the corruption ability is NOT added to the locust.

Here are the lines I edited in the skill:

Data - Damage Return Factor: 0.50
Data - Max Swarm Units Per Target: 5
Data - Number of Swarm Units: 10
Sound - Effect Sound (Looping): DeathAndDecayLoop

On the Locust unit itself:

Art - Model File: Footman (Problem happens even with base locust model, is this a hardcoded issue with Locust Swarm?!)
Combat - Attack 1 - Damage Base: 1000
Combat - ATtack 1 - Damage Sides per Die: 15

On the Locust unit itself, I added the Item Attack Corruption Bonus ability. Here are the lines I changed on this ability:

Art - Target: Item Attack Black Arrow Bonus <Target>
DAta - Armor Penalty: 50
Data - Damage Bonus Dice: 0
Data - Enabled Attack Index: 1
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