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LoaP: Advanced

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Apr 7, 2010
So, i'm making a loap map, but it wont be just any old loap spinoff, this map will have improved terrain, triggers, and many more. I am making this from scratch on a 160x160 map with the cityscape palette. Made for roleplaying.

There are no overpowered units, players, or anything to make this map unbalanced unlike other loap spinoffs. All positions have to be first taken by a citizen. That means you dont start as "police" as such, someone has to take that position first.

Features Implemented:
Ability to choose from 5 heroes (so far)
Two "sides/factions" - names to be added

Features to be implemented:
Reputation System
House Owning
Several Jobs
Horse Riding
Thievery System
Many more to be added..

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Level 5
Oct 31, 2007
Well then, Don't name it LOAP, Its something original isn't it? Make a better name for your map and it will surely wont be judged by its name!

Categorizing a LoaP-map works like when u do it for a Dota-like-map so its more of a definition than a name.

[K40$]-Spectre;1638931 said:
What does it make so special/unique when comparing it to other LOAPS? What feature(s)?

, this is a cool feature.

Is it medieval or futuristic?

i'd assume that it is medieval.
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