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Loading Screens for Legends of Arkain

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Shar Dundred

Community Moderator
Level 71
May 6, 2009
Since I'm REALLY getting sick of the "Credits" loading screen, I'm searching for someone willing to create them for my project:

This is what I'm thinking of:
There should be a background - a battlefield, mostly red and dark colors and perhaps some arrows on the ground along with a dark or red sky.
On the right side - above the loading screen text - should be the campaign logo and on the left side should be enough space for a portrait of the character most present on the map or who plays a certain role on the map.
I'd also need someone for those portraits (in case the one who's creating the background can't or doesn't want to do that). Drawings would also be accepted.

I'd ask everyone who's interested to create and send me something via PM.
Thank you very much. :)
Level 20
Dec 19, 2013
Well...I have a really close friend of mine.He is really skilled on drawing...Perhaps i can convince him into drawing something.I will inform you if he agree's
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